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Overview & Project Purpose

DropZone is a first person Battle Royale game concept set inside of a post apocalyptic world where players are infected with a deadly virus. Only by retrieving the antidote airdrop within the final circle will save players.

As the Battle Royale genre is growing more popular, it is evident that some become more successful than others. That being said, I believe that how these levels are designed plays a major role in the success of the game. This project simply highlights key features that I feel contribute to a well designed Battle Royale level.

Level Design Objectives
  • To implement memorable locations and allow players to identify their current position through the use of Landmarks

  • To aid players in guiding them to points of interest and when spotting enemies through using Verticality

  • To keep replay-ability value high as the level will be played numerous times through Varied Micro Environments

  • To design areas of the map so that it can accommodate for players with Different Play Styles


Whilst landmarks are a pivotal tool to help players locate themselves within the level, they also allow players to visually distinguish the difference between natural areas to traverse through, and points of interest to explore/loot.

The Church = Rural Town
The Windmill = Farm
Satellite Dish = Military Base
Roundabout Structure = Centre of Map

Reaching different heights within a Battle Royale can have a major influence on players decision making within each game. These different elevations aid with both Exploration choices and Tactical choices against enemies.


It is important to subtly aid the player when it comes to deciding which area to explore next. If visual options are not presented, players will become frustrated as they feel they are not making any progress on their journey


After looting the shed, the military base is highlighted in the distance, encouraging exploration in that direction


Once making it over the hill, players are then presented with to 2 points of interests areas to explore. Further embedding the sense of exploration


As the 1 life limit can be brutal, it is important to promote fairness by limiting the exploitation of major power positions. This is achieved simply by having different landscape elevations at certain zones of the map.  

Players guards are at their lowest whilst exploring within nature areas. Here, by permitting different heights and including less surrounding visual noise we can aid players when it comes to spotting possible threats


Players guards are at their highest whilst looting within major landmarks. Here, by limiting verticality we promote a fair playing field as everyone will have the same line of sights and the same type of cover to use. 

Varied Micro Environments

As Battle Royale levels will be played numerous times, it is vital that players do not become disinterested with the level by experiencing the same type of environment repeatedly.

Different Play Styles

As each game features a large number of players, the level must be adaptable to accommodate for different play-styles. Here is a breakdown of how the 'Rural Town' area has been designed to accommodate for this.

Final Walkthrough
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