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"Playing dodgeball where you shouldn't". This game takes the standard rules and regulations of the real life game of dodge-ball and cranks it up to the ultimate extreme with a brutal and comical twist.
2-4 local multiplayer, top-down elimination game where players battle across various environments fighting to be the last one standing. Short, action packed 5 minute matches with a limit of 5 lives each
My Roles
Project info
  • Team Leader
  • Level Designer
  • Script Events & Game Mechanics
  • Liaised with Environmental Artists
  • White-box Level Concepts
  • Promote Fun & Addicting Gameplay 
  • 1 Year Project
  • 14 Team Members
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Selected For 'Tanzfuser 2018'
  • Won 'Peoples Choice' at EGX
  • Summer 2019 Release Date
Check out the interview I undertook about DodgeBrawl with
Taking place within a busy sub-urban city, dodgeballs wont be the only thing players will have to look out for 
Other than playing dodgeball inside a graveyard, other unusual events will be looking to take out players
Snow Cave
Located at an abandoned cabin up in the mountains, players will be put to the test, battling it out in harsh conditions  
Zen Garden
Which was once a peaceful place, brawlers will have to earn their peace by staying calm under pressure
Coming Soon!
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