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SplashShot is a first person shooter set inside of a water park, where players will find themselves refilling their guns at water stations, healing up at drying pods, and traversing through the level by sliding at high speeds.

The main game mode for this arena is a classic 5 versus 5 team death-match with matches lasting up to 10 minutes long.  

Level Design Objectives
  • To Implement Level Mechanics which will guide players through the arena such as Ammo Stations, Healing Pods and Traversal Methods

  • To create an arena that promotes close quarter combat with Fast Paced Game-play, similar to DOOM multiplayer

  • Provide the sense that the player feels like a child Navigating Around a Water Park  

Level Mechanics

Blue is identified as Ammo. Water tanks located around the arena are needed to refill guns

Orange is identified as Health. Players can heal up by drying themselves inside of a drying pod


Green is identified as Movement. Players are able to quickly traverse through the level by using slides

Red is identified as Level Hazard. These are stationary mechanics that can be used to take out players

Fast Paced Game-play

Whilst documenting the 'how' and 'why' to my design process, there were 3 main rules that greatly contributed towards forming the fast paced game-play I set out to achieve, these were:

(1) - Push Forward Combat

Also known as 'Combat Chess', is described as a method of encouraging players to constantly be moving forward when attacking enemies.

This was achieved by ensuring that at every intersection or junction, players are clearly presented with 2 or more routes in front of them and to design pathways not to loop or curve around backwards. 


Within the same frame, players are presented with 2 possible routes which they can take next


Example of how the direction of each pathway encourages the player to move forward rather than back

(2) - Minimal Cover

Providing players with a limited amount of cover further increases the incentive to keep players on the move during combat encounters, similar to how a real life water gun fight would play out. 

(3) - Short Lines of Sight

Another aspect that contributes to creating a real life water gun fight is the presence of close quarter combat. The below screenshot talks through how one area has been designed a certain way to promote this game-play

Players can assess level of threat through subtle opening
Combat is only effective within this zone as weapons are short range.
Low height asset provided for minimal cover to be manoeuvred around during combat
Navigating Around a Water Park

As water parks can be overwhelming with numerous pathways and locations to visit, I needed to ensure that navigation felt simple to players, whilst still giving the impression of multiple areas to explore.

Areas of the map have also been designed to make players aware of their current location, this was achieved by having simple focal points, subconsciously teaching players the contrast between different areas:

Spawn Points

A Spawn = Relaxation area (Sunbeds/Jacuzzi/bar)


B Spawn = Communal Area (Entrance/Toilets/Lockers)


Slide A = Spiral ramp with tipping water bucket hazard


Slide B = Vertical Staircase with large balcony area

Underground Tunnel

Entrance A = Nature Assets (Plant Pots/Rocks)


Entrance B = Industrial assets (Benches/Boxes)

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